turn on overtype mode

How to Enable Overtype Mode – Word 2010

If you’ve ever started typing in Microsoft Word and replaced existing letters instead of pushing them to the right, then overtype mode was activated. However, that is no longer the default behavior in the Microsoft Office word processing application. To turn on overtype mode in Microsoft Word 2010 you need to go to File > … Read more

How to Set Default Margins in Google Docs

Properly setting margins allows you to control how much or how little content you have on each page. It can also be a crucial formatting option for your school or organization, so selecting the correct margin setting can save you the headache of remembering to make that change every time you create a new document. … Read more

hold down ctrl and select multiple cells

How to Select Cells in Excel 2013

Making cell selections in spreadsheet applications like Google Sheets or Microsoft Excel can be as easy as simply clicking on the cell you want. Maybe if you need to select a couple of cells that are next to each other you could hold down the mouse button as you drag to select them. To select … Read more

google docs strikethrough text

How to Draw a Line Through Text in Google Docs

The steps in this article are going to show you how to strikethrough a Google Docs document and draw a line through some of the text in your Google Docs file. You can strikethrough in Google Docs by using an option in the menu, or with a keyboard shortcut. You can remove strikethrough from a … Read more

How to Put Pictures on Google Slides

Visual documents like the presentations that you create in Google Slides, are often improved when you add different types of media. Therefore it’s useful for you to know how to work with images on your slides. You can put a picture in Google Slides by clicking the Insert image button in the toolbar, selecting the … Read more

how to make a copy of a picture in google slides

How to Copy Image from Google Slides

While you can add images to a slide in Google Slides with just a few steps, that process can be a little tedious if you need to do it a lot. It’s especially frustrating when you keep inserting the same image over and over. Luckily you can copy an image in Google Slides by selecting … Read more