How to Prefer WiFi While Roaming on an iPhone 11

Your iPhone 11 gives you the ability to make phone calls both on a WiFi network and a cellular network, assuming that your cellular provider supports both of those options. But the device will attempt to intelligently choose which network to use, and it may get it wrong, causing poor call quality or creating massive … Read more

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How to Delete a Slide on Google Slides

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How to Log Out of Pokemon Go

The Pokemon Go app provides you with several different ways to create an account. If you have a Pokemon trainer club account you can use that, or you can use Google, Facebook, or even your Apple ID. But if you share a device with someone else then you might need to know how to sign … Read more

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How to Erase All Data After 10 Failed Passcode Attempts on iPhone

Everyone enters their iPhone passcode incorrectly from time to time. Sometimes the phone won’t register a button press, or you accidentally enter your ATM pincode instead of your device passcode. But while one or two failed passcode attempts can be normal, 10 failed passcode attempts is pretty unlikely. In fact, this usually only happens when … Read more